A Story of Adventure

Two old friends meet on a flight to Las Vegas and reconnect. They talk about the excitement they might have while there. After the flight, the two are separated and both go on a common unintended path with the same mysterious man. Patterns and mysteries of life are revealed to both on a surprising journey that gives a whole new meaning to what happens in Vegas.

Co-authors Tilak Fernando & Thomas Umholtz Jr.

Published 07 February 2020


A Message from the Future

In the year AD 4544, a confluence of events shatters a spacecraft in the outer reaches of the solar system, hurling its lone commander, Samantha Hunter, through time and space deep into the past.

Meanwhile, in the near future, award-winning New York Times science editor Jonathan Elliot awakens in the middle of the night to an uninvited guest who appears to have materialized out of thin air. The strange visitor tells him a story so unbelievable that Jonathan feels compelled to write a speculative feature article for the Sunday edition. This midnight visit launches a nine-day whirlwind of events that extend from New York City across the continent to Las Vegas, setting off a chain of inexplicable incidents, a national manhunt involving the top levels of government, a series of revelatory conversations about the future, and a team of unlikely collaborators in a race to save a beautiful, mysterious heroine–and quite possibly the future of the human species.

Who are we really, and where are we going? Pondering these questions and offering an uplifting message of hope for the future, this novel tells the story of an accidental time traveler stranded in the twenty-first century whose presence may change the course of humanity’s future.

Co-authors Tilak Fernando & Ed Stroupe.

Published 20 April 2017

Breaking Reality

Explorations in Consciousness

Breaking Reality is a collection of talks given by Tilak Fernando. Over the years he has shared his extraordinary insights and energies with people around the world. His discourses are spontaneous, fun loving, and remarkably insightful. They contain a unique vision of the world we live in, our experience of being human, and the possibilities that await us for living life in a fresh new way.

Published 1 January 2000

Fires of Innocence

Talks by Tilak

Fires of Innocence is a compilation of talks given by motivational speaker and life coach, Tilak Fernando. In this book, Tilak teaches you how to identify self created mental barriers and how to break them in order to improve your life and be the best version of yourself.  Fires of Innocence is truly a wakeup call for you to experience the beauty and fascination occurring right now in your life. 

Published 1 January 1991